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Wow, this summer flew by – a sentiment I’ve heard by many people this summer. We’ve had a wonderul one – filled with softball, sand and swimming. And a bit of knitting, but not as much as I’d hoped.

I’ve been focusing on two projects this summer. My Lintilla, and a baby sweater that I haven’t even posted to my ravelry projects yet. I’m in the home stretch of both – the sweater needs to be seamed up and finished and gifted. The Lintilla is just a few rows away. It’s been a wonderful car project and one that I can work on while chatting. We have some wonderful friends with a lake house that invite a group of us for an annual “boys’ weekend” every year. The boys grew up together, but the wonderful thing is all the “girls” get along too. This year our host had gone to Iceland and brought back some Icelandic wool that she wanted to knit into a pair of gauntlets. She’d asked me to help her with them. While she hadn’t knit in some time, it came back to her pretty quickly, and she had one done before the end of the weekend. It was fun to knit not alone for once! I even took advantage of the beautiful setting to capture a progress shot:

I’m glad I stuck with the yarn and pattern – it really does make for a lovely fabric!

I did finally finish my Djinni in a Bottle Socks and I love them. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them shorty – the nights are getting cooler!

The pattern is wonderful and I love the yarn:

I’ll have to get some pictures of the baby sweater – it’s a lovely pattern from Ann Budd: Ruffles Baby Cardigan – it’s lovely, but a bit tricky with the ruffles!


Wednesday WIP: Socks

A few weeks ago, I was reading Turtle Girls’ Blog and she mentioned a mystery knitalong that she was running with her friend from Dragonfly Fibersthe Djinni Sock. I was smitten, but knew I had to finish my monsters. I picked out a nice purple (before I read Christi’s warning about not using a dark color), and loved it as soon as I saw it:

I cast on Saturday night, and am now into chapter 2. This is a fun pattern, definitely one that needs my attention, but I’m really enjoying it. Here’s where I am as of right now (via phone pic):
Djinni in a Bottle - cuff

Rut Race Progress: Not so much on the physical activity. Two meetings this week have kept me out till after 9:00 Monday and Tuesday. However, I am focusing my time and energy a little differently at work, which is helping a bit on my productivity. So, no complaints at this point.

A slight diversion

I did finish the last sleeve of the cardigan (Last sleeve sounds like I’m an octopus, second would be more accurate). Now I need to block and finish, but I decided to start  a pair of socks. I want to make a pair for E’s teacher. E’s having a great year, and I would like to say thank you in a special way. I liked the Riverbed pattern when I made them before, so I thought it would be simple if I tried the same pattern. In Cat Bhordi’s book New Pathway’s for Sock Knitters the Riverbed pattern was shown with a simple little lace pattern “Rushing Rivulet.” Miss C. loves the Hudson River, so I thought the pattern was quite appropriate.

I started with some yarn I had in my stash – some beautiful yarn from my Scout’s Swag yarn club. However, as I worked the toe, I realized that the subtlety of the color that I loved so much just wasn’t going to work for these socks.

I’ve heard great things about Malbrigo Sock Yarn, so when I saw it at Colorful Stitches, I thought I’d like to try it. Then when I saw the color, I knew it was perfect:
Malabrigo Sock

I’d hoped to take advantage of some work travel to put a big dent in these. However after getting through about 3 inches, I realized my gauge was WAY off. Because these are a gift, and a surprise, I’m estimating on the size. However when I tried them on, I knew they were way too big. So I ripped them out and started over. On the bright side I now feel very good about the figure 8 cast on, and I really do like the star toe.

Well, as of this morning, I’d gotten to the end of the yarn I wound back onto the ball. So I’m officially back where I was two days ago.

I do love this pattern, it’s simple yet compelling. A combination that I hope will keep these moving.


Well, last I wrote about the Riverbed Architecture Socks that I’m making for Chad, I thought I had done the heel wrong.

So, I tried knitting the second sock the way I thought it should work, and asked Chad to try it on. The first one fit much better (which I have to admit, if I was going to rip out a sock, I’d rather just rip out a heel, as opposed to the whole leg), so I went back.

This week I had to go to Baltimore, so I had a bit of time on the plane, and I finished sock two!

Chad is really happy with them. He even consented to model for the photos!

I’m very happy with the socks.

He’s a mid calf kind of guy. I think if it were me I’d wear them rolled, but they aren’t mine.

In the meantime I’m still working on my lightning bolt hat, and I started the Socktober Mystery Sock knit along from Through the Loops for Socktoberfest.

So far this has been a wonderful October. It’s been a bit rainy, but with the dry summer we’ve had, I can’t complain. Today was just beautiful, and I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice too. I know a lot of knitters are getting geared up for Rhinebeck (aka the NY Sheep & Wool Festival) next weekend. I have to admit, I’m not sure if I’ll head down yet. I don’t need to spend any more money, and I’m feeling like there’s a lot to do around the house these weeks. We’re starting to gear up for ski season, and this year I plan to be out on the slopes with everyone else, so I want to be prepared, physically and mentally.

Today we headed up to the mountain for their fall festival, and then back to town for Arts Walk. E had volunteered to be part of the portrait painters, and had a lot of fun. She picked out my purple slouch to wear, and got a lot of compliments on her artist’s beret!

Socks – Must they Match?

So, I tried the second sock knitting based on my understanding of the pattern. Of course it looked A LOT different, and didn’t fit as well as the first. Which actually was a good thing, because all I had to rip back was the heel. I have to admit a sense of relief that I didn’t have to rip back the entire first sock back to before the heel. Of course the response when I told the recipient what my plan was (to try the second method, and see what was better, and then rip the wrong one back), was to ask why they had to match in the first place.

Probably a good question, and one I’ve asked myself in the past. But when my socks didn’t match previously it was stripes, or maybe a missed wrap or short-rows that weren’t perfect, not a full inch difference in heel flaps.

I’m still not sure which is correct. I’ll have to knit another pair to see if I can figure it out. For now, though, it looks like these will fit just fine. So, one week later, I’m back to where I was last Monday. So, it’s back to the heel flap I go.

Failure to read

So, I was working my way through the second sock of the Riverbed Architecture socks that I’m working on and the time came to start the heel. So I read through the instructions twice, and realized that if I was reading them correctly this time, I’d done the first sock incorrectly. I didn’t do the additional increases necessary before starting the heel. Yeah, the part that is clearly stated, after “if you are doing toe up socks do this” or words ot that effect.

Now, these socks are custom fit. I’ve been having C try them on throughout the process. Post toe, before the heel turn, after the turn, and after sock #1 was done. Seemed fine. But now that I look at it closely, I think I see what I needed to do:

So, I’m going to do the second sock the way I think it should be done, and take it from there.

So, here’s what I’ve got so far:

So, let’s see what happens. Either way, I’ll be reknitting a sock. But I think it’s the best way to go.

Progress and finishing: kid’s knitting

Well, it appears that I need to do a little catch up. I have been knitting and thinking a lot about new projects. I did finally finish the pieces of Pieman:

Now I need to assemble it. I did delay that for two reasons, as the weather finally became seasonal in August and we saw days in the 80’s. Now that the days are getting cooler I can see putting the sweater together. The knitting has been fun on this project, although the sleeves did seem to take much longer than they should. Good think my kid’s not an octopus.

Now that the school year is started I guess I’d better finish the spirit socks. I’ve got a foot and one “D.”
Since I’m pretty much winging these, the letters are a little larger than I expected, so these are most likely going to be knee socks. so I have to figure some increases in the legs.

I’ve got some more to share, but I think I’d better pace myself. And tomorrow’s Thursday, maybe I’ll be able to post a Booking through Thursday post.