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What a week and a half. I’m late on the weekly photo and don’t have much to say. I finished the entrelac hat, but still need to block it.

Last weekend was the dance recital – the culmination of 10 months of very hard work which resulted in a beautiful show. As E gets older her involvement becomes greater. She’s getting to the age when she is going to have start choosing her level of commitment to her various activities. A point she has known was coming, but not one any of us thought would come so soon.

After the show we tried a new restaurant for dinner, and it was lovely.

So, for our fourth picture, we took a selfie:
Post recital dinner



It’s been a rainy week, and therefore no good photo opportunities, I’ve decided to resurrect a post I started on a plane a few months ago.

I’ve never been a big reader of non-fiction. Rather ironic considering I was a history major. Perhaps it’s because these the non-fiction that’s usually recommended to me is business oriented. Pretty dry if you ask me. Earlier thus year I had a few more recommended to me – these were a little different. The focus was how to help my daughter succeed. Three were suggested. I ordered one to see what I thought.
Thus began my introduction to The Talent Code. The book has been out for a while, but unlike other books I think the concepts are timeless. I’m sure anyone would be encouraged to hear that natural ability isn’t always as natural as we’ve been led to believe. I wish I’d had this perspective when I was younger. I may have been more likely to try harder, rather than facing certain opportunities with a defeatist attitude.

I’ve put it down for a bit, but as I have some traveling coming up, I’ll pick it up again. Other books that I want to read after I finish this are:
Talent is Overrated
Shut up and Ski by Edie Thys Morgan

But I think next on the list is: Queen Bees and Wannabees

The pre-teen years are hitting our house hard, and I’d like to do anything I can learn to help navigate those times.

In the meantime, when I’m not reading this long weekend, we’re hoping to spend some time working around the house. One thing we really want to do is get our garden back in operation. Last weekend, we plowed:

While plowing this bottle got turned up:

And in the evening, I’m hoping to spend some time on my Color Affection Shawl:
Color Affection

For those in the US, are you looking forward to a long weekend? I know I am.

Monster Mania

As soon as E saw the Iris the Gourmet Monster I was making for her ski coach, she made it pretty clear that she would like one too. So, what does one do?

Thinking it through:
1) I had a ball knitting the first one
2) I had an extra skein of yarn
3) She asked nicely

Cast on of course!

Before I could even go get more stuffing, she was done. This time for stuffing I ordered some 100% cotton stuffing from PurlSoho. I love this stuff.

E decided to name her Jessica. It was a beautiful weekend. So, after a morning of skiing, and an afternoon of softball tryouts, Jessica came out to play:

She climbed up to see what she could see:

Looked around:

She and E headed out:

Found another tree:

And headed up. She stopped to catch her breath:

Finally she made it:

After all that work climbing, a short nap in the grass seemed like a good idea:

Finally Jessie found a spot to hang out and watch E work on her pitching:

The day that began with this:

Wrapped up with this:

Oh, and the monster mania? Well, Jess is the second one, and I just finished another for the office (her adventures are for another day). E took Jess to school, and her substitute science teacher thought she was so cute that it would be great if we (not sure who the “we” is in this equation) could make one for the baby her science teacher’s wife just had. And I am seriously considering it. However, I would like to make a different one, so I’ve been perusing Rebecca Danger’s other patterns.

Who knew I’d be having so much fun knitting monsters?

I do have to admit, listening to Stash and Burn this morning did make me start to long for a new sweater on the needles. Apparently the warm weather isn’t slowing down my planning.

Weighing on my mind

It’s a running joke at our house that I’m a worrier. If there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll worry that I’ve forgotten something.

All joking aside, I tend to focus on things I “should” be doing, but seem to procrastinate them at the same time. I sit and stare at the computer while I think about all the emails I need to send. I drive home thinking about the calls I need to make. I don’t know why I let this happen, but it does. And then I worry. And worry. Then all of a sudden it’s late, and I’m really in a knot.

Today was one of those days where everything seems to pile up and I feel completely overwhelmed. So, I made a couple of calls, sent a couple of emails, and knocked a couple of things off of my list. I still have some stuff to do, but maybe it will seem less overwhelming.

These are the sort of things that make me very jealous of Calvin:


Does anyone else let things overwhelm them like this?

What’s new?

Not much. The weekend is winding down, but I can’t complain. Today was Small Business Saturday, but I didn’t go shopping. I tend to do as much shopping locally and at independent stores year round, so I didn’t feel an overwhelming need to jump out and buy something today. I’m hoping to take some work in progress pictures tomorrow!

Making the long weekend count

This morning, things weren’t looking great for today. Both washers were running (clothes & dish and none of us had a lot of motivation. Suddenly Chad looked up and said, “we’re leaving in 45 minutes.” Of course Eliza & I both wanted to know where we were going.

He’d decided it was a good day for a hike, and he was definitely right. It was an absolutely beautiful day. So we got ourselves ready and drove over to Mount Greylock. We hadn’t really been hiking before, so we weren’t too sure what to expect, or where to go. We figured it out, and had a great day! I didn’t bring the big camera, but took a few camera pictures:


There was a little snow in the woods:

It was a great chance to spend time together:

There was a lot of running water:

We hiked a particular part of the mountain that at one time was planned for a ski area. We found the lift towers (which HAD to be climbed):

It was a wonderful afternoon:

I hope whatever you did today, it was wonderful!

Short Weeks

So, I’ve just written my WIP Wednesday post. Here in the US, Thursday is Thanksgiving. Which means that this is a short week for many of us (me being one of them). This means today is like Wednesday and Thursday all rolled into one. Apparently I took that a little too literally. I really thought it was Wednesday.

I’m very excited to have a 4 day weekend. I wish our local ski area was opening, but the weather just isn’t cooperating. Which means I’ll get to catch up a bit on chores, relax a bit and knit!