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Rut Race: Days 1 & 2

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the monsters I’ve been knitting. I love them, but I do like some variety in my projects. When I entered my latest project in Ravelry I realized the monster I finished yesterday was the 4th one. I’m done with monsters for a while. The good news, is they both came out great:

Now we just have to wrap, and deliver!

So, I’m still working on the Lintilla, thanks to those who recommended I stick with it! I’ve also cast on a new pair of socks. However, tonight I’ve got something else to talk about.

The Rut Race

The other day I read a post by Kim Werker. She posted about how she’s been feeling bleh, cranky and frustrated since January. I could definitely relate. I’ve felt basically the same – I know I need to do something, but wasn’t sure what. So Kim wrote about the Rut Race. I’m in.

Yesterday was my day one. Since skiing ended, I’ve been going to yoga on Saturdays and trying to go on Thursday nights. I need to find a way to fit more into my week. Yesterday I got my bike out and went for a ride. That felt great. It’s not everything, but it’s a start.

So as part of the rut race, I’ve got a few things I want to accomplish:

  • Ride my bike 3-4 times a week
  • Practice yoga 3 times a week
  • Get my house in order
  • Find my inspiration to be the best at what I do
  • Learn to ride a unicycle

Yup. I want to learn to ride a unicycle. So does E. She and I went two weeks ago, and she tried it out. I was too self conscious to try. Tonight I committed to give it a whirl. The people there are really nice and helpful. So I got up and was able to ride a bit while hanging onto the wall. I’m pretty pleased with that. We’ll go again next week, and I will try again!

So anyone else need to get out of a rut?


2012 – Here we come!

It’s been a wonderful vacation week here at Casa Knitalone. Chad & I took the week off between Christmas & New Years, as Eliza has had ski camp/practice nearly every day. So, we got to ski nearly every day too! I took today off, as we’d decided it was going to be a short day to allow time for homework and music practicing. I did some chores, and rewarded myself with some knitting breaks.

Because the snow hasn’t been as plentiful this year, and the weather isn’t always cooperative, I’m not always skiing when we are at the mountain. I’ve been taking advantage of the forced down time to work on a couple of new projects that I cast on last week. A friend of ours just had a little girl, so I thought it would be fun to make her a little sweater. Because she has a big brother, I wanted to make him something too. I thought this would be a good chance to make one of Rebecca Danger’s Monsters. I’ve been eying them for a while, waiting for an excuse to make one. I swatched for the sweater first, but the lure of Iris the Gourmet Monster proved to be too much. I’ve finished the parts and have planned a trip to the fabric store for the necessary supplies to finish her.

I did work on the sweater as well. I picked up the pattern at my local yarn store, The Warm Ewe. It’s an original design by Lorraine, the Ruffled Baby Cardi Today I finished the back:

The irony of these two projects is that I had hoped to have some variety in my yarn weight and needle sizes so that I could give my elbow a bit of a break. Somehow, both managed to work best on size 5 needles. – The same size my Dale Sweater is worked on. Oh well, I guess I just have to find another project.

Last night we went to the mountain to watch the torchlight parade and fireworks. Unfortunately, the fog was too thick, so the fireworks were different to say the least. The sky turned different colors. It was pretty, in it’s way. I tried to get a picture of the parade, but didn’t fare too well:

We’ll be skiing again tomorrow, and my lessons start on Thursday, so it looks like ski season is here!

Happy Holidays!

The bird houses were a huge hit. My mother in law loved them! She hung them up in the kitchen right away:


She thinks they’ll be perfect for wren houses, so she’s saving them for Spring before they go outside.

We had a wonderful holiday. We started with Hanukkah on Friday:

And Hanukkah is not complete without Latkes!

Skied on Saturday, and celebrated Christmas on Sunday:

Eliza even found a pair of socks that I’d made YEARS ago:


I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!

Finished the cowl!

Today I finally finished my Cambrian Cowl. I’m not sure exactly why it took me so long. I love Ravelry, but it can certainly keep me honest. I started it in October. It was definitely a relacely quick knit, I just wanted to take mt time to sew on my buttons.

Basically, I’m happy with it. I took a quick picture with my phone:

I’d wanted to finish it yesterday, but had managed to put the buttons in such a safe spot that I couldn’t find them till it was too late.

On a non knitting note, it’s finally starting to feel like winter (again) around here. Last night we watched Eliza’s performance in the Nutcracker, and today we finally got to go skiing!

So in less than 12 hours she goes from this:


To here:


It was a short ski day for me – with so few trails open, I really only took 3 runs. It was so great to be out there.


Starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, as the month progresses and the holidays approach, I get more and more excited. Tomorrow we are going to a Tea Party hosted by Eliza’s Dance Company. I volunteered to make some cookies to bring. One of my favorite cookies to make and eat is Spritz – the pressed butter cookie.

They’ve been tested and approved. I made 4 batches – lots of butter was used. Now we just have to try not to eat any (more) before tomorrow afternoon.

I also decided I did indeed want to make my mother-in-law a gift for Christmas. When we went to the New England Fibre Festival last month we saw some felted birdhouses. Of course I didn’t grab a card, so I did some searching to see if I could find the vendor. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to. But what I did find was a pattern. So within minutes (I love the internet) I’d downloaded it and had committed myself to some holiday knitting! Yarn has been procured, and I’ll be casting on this evening!

Copyright Fiber Trends

Are you getting excited for the holidays?

What’s new?

Not much. The weekend is winding down, but I can’t complain. Today was Small Business Saturday, but I didn’t go shopping. I tend to do as much shopping locally and at independent stores year round, so I didn’t feel an overwhelming need to jump out and buy something today. I’m hoping to take some work in progress pictures tomorrow!

Making the long weekend count

This morning, things weren’t looking great for today. Both washers were running (clothes & dish and none of us had a lot of motivation. Suddenly Chad looked up and said, “we’re leaving in 45 minutes.” Of course Eliza & I both wanted to know where we were going.

He’d decided it was a good day for a hike, and he was definitely right. It was an absolutely beautiful day. So we got ourselves ready and drove over to Mount Greylock. We hadn’t really been hiking before, so we weren’t too sure what to expect, or where to go. We figured it out, and had a great day! I didn’t bring the big camera, but took a few camera pictures:


There was a little snow in the woods:

It was a great chance to spend time together:

There was a lot of running water:

We hiked a particular part of the mountain that at one time was planned for a ski area. We found the lift towers (which HAD to be climbed):

It was a wonderful afternoon:

I hope whatever you did today, it was wonderful!