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Another Antler!

I learned this week that the little one who I’d made the blue hat for isn’t due until July. Which means I should have time to make another Antler sweater. 


Babies and Big Brothers

After finishing the Antler Cardigan and Hat set I thought it would be nice to make matching hats for some new little ones on the way and their big brothers. I really enjoyed working with the Malabrigo Rios yarn. Very squishy. I’ve certainly had a lot of fun with this pattern as well. For the last hat I used a knitted cast on from Wooly Wormhead that I found on Instagram. I liked it as much as the tubular cast on, and it seemed to be a bit more intuitive for me.


For Wesley and his soon to arrive little brother I made a blue set:

And for George and his new little brother I went with a fun multicolor yarn:

While the big brother hats may have been fun for me to knit, and I hope the expectant parents like the idea, I figured the new big brothers would like something more interesting as well. So I went to our local book store and picked out a couple of books for the boys! I’ve already wrapped them, but they were fun to read! I got Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed by Eileen Christelow and a Mo Willems book, Should I Share My Ice Cream?


I’ve discovered a new pattern set this year, that I’ve been having a lot of fun knitting. I follow a lot of various knitters and designers on Twitter and Instagram, and had seen the Antler Hat by tincanknits around, and was intrigued by it’s simple elegance. Early this E asked for a new hat, but she decided she wanted something more neutral, after all the neon and bright colors of the past few years. Our local yarn store had some lovely local yarn from the Wooly Spruce Farmstead. So I cast on and got to work. She’s very happy with it, and wore it through the winter.


Since then we discovered a few babies were on the way, and I thought what better pattern for people who love to be outside than a pattern with antlers!  I had so much fun making E’s hat, I decided to make one for each new baby and the big brother as well! I decided a hat and sweater set would be a nice gift for our new cousin, so I purchased the matching Antler Sweater and cast on. I was excited to discover that Malabrigo made a super wash merino and thought it would make a soft sweater that was relatively easy to care for. I was very happy with the yarn, and really enjoyed working with it.

I found the buttons at Fringe Supply Company, a lovely store that I’ve been following since its inception (I believe). They have such fun items. The ribbon was from an Etsy seller. I usually like to purchase locally, but it’s been a bit nuts lately, so I found small businesses outside of my area to support.

I’m very pleased with the first set. As soon as the hat is completely dry we’ll send it off to the expectant parents!



Last week we took E to NYC for an afternoon to see the New York City Ballet at the David H. Koch theatre in Lincoln Center. It was a drippy, sometimes very rainy day, but we did have a lot of fun. We meandered around the city, visited the Apple Store and some high end stores as well as a fun reasonable store before we finally had some dinner and went to the show. Because it was such a grey day, the picture opportunities were few and far between, but E enjoyed the various architecture as well as the shopping.

The ballet was wonderful. It was an evening of four dances choreographed by Balanchine with music by Stravinsky, Tschaikovsky and Ives. It was great to see the different styles of dance and we all enjoyed the various pieces. It did make for a very late night, but well worth it. And it reminded us how very close the city is and that we should do things like this more often.
Trip to NYCB 5/24/2013

I even knit a bit on the way down, finally getting to the short rows in the Color Affection Shawl as well:
Color affection short rows

New skills

Well, I bit the bullet and cast on the Peak Brim Flare Crown Star Top Hat (link to ravelry) this weekend. I’d read the instructions and the tip sheets, started watching a Craftsy class, and had totally freaked myself out. So I decided to just start knitting and see what happened. Well, since the first 12 rows are garter, it wasn’t too hard. Then I just took a deep breath, and trusted my 20+ years of knitting. And so far so good!

The hat is knit in the round, and it’s a bit hard to get a picture while it’s still so early in the process, but I have to admit this is a lot of fun:
Entrelac Hat

I haven’t tried knitting backwards yet, while I can see where the flipping back and forth could get tedious, it’s not bothering me at the moment, so I’ll keep going as I am for now.

Next on the needles

I mentioned that I went to the Knitter’s Review Retreat last fall. In addition to the wonderful workshop I enjoyed visiting the vendors. It’s much smaller than any fiber festival, so you get a good chance to really talk to the vendors. One of them was Kathryn Alexander who designs some of the most colorful creative things I’ve seen. My mother in law loves her work. So I decided to get a kit for a hat for her for Christmas. As you can infer, by the date and title of this post, the hat was not ready for Christmas. Fortunately she was excited by the picture I printed from the website and was willing to wait. However, she isn’t willing to wait forever. So with each finished item she sees, or hat that I’m working on, she asks, “is mine done yet?” To which I have to answer honestly. So, I need to start this. I have to admit, I am stalling. It’s entrelac, which I’ve never done, and a LOT of little skeins that need to be wound up.

But I need to bite the bullet and get going. So this is what’s up next:


Yup, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Could be a while before I post again! I don’t know if any one really follows per se, or notices my absences. I have a lot of blogs in my feed reader, and while some are more regular than others, I rarely remove anyone from my feed. I guess I’m hoping anyone who has subscribed to my blog has the same philosophy.

I was a little concerned when I found out that Google Reader was going the way of the buggy whip, but was pointed to Feedly and have become a total convert. I have it on my phone, my computer and my iPad. Yup, I have an iPad! I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve wanted one for a LONG time, and I’m really enjoying it. I use it for work, we’ll be scoring softball games on it, and I’ve been looking at the different knitting apps that are available.

So, back to the knitting. I have been doing quite a bit lately. Looking at my ravelry page (which is only somewhat representative, as I just realized) I have a bit I can talk about, and a bit more I think I need to photograph. I’m taking advantage of a beautiful Mother’s Day that happens to be devoid of softball to get a few things done.

I’ve got a few projects on the needles, but because they are gifts, I’ve got to keep them under wraps for a bit longer.

I think I’ve mentioned before, my daughter loves hats, and loves the ones I make for her. A few months ago, Wendy Bernard released a fun pattern The Honeycomber, and the combination of color, floppiness and a huge pompon called my name. I thought it would be fun to make E & me matching ski hats that coordinated with our coats – so same pattern, different colors. She thought it was a great idea. I was about to type “like she’d say no to a hat,” but I must say, she will tell me if she doesn’t like something – it’s nice. She knows I like to knit, but it’s frustrating to make something that won’t get worn or used.

So, back to the hats. The color choices were simple. I have a bright orange ski coat (the better to be seen when I fall into a snow bank) and E has a green one with pink contrast on the zipper. We headed to our local yarn store, The Warm Ewe, and picked out our colors. In March we took a road trip to New Hampshire for a little spring skiing, and I cast on in the car:

When I got to the corrugated ribbing, I realized, I’d never done it before! Which of course I had to tweet – what else is twitter for if not to announce new experiences! It was a little tricky, but by the time I got to it on the second hat it went much more quickly.

So at this time I’ve got one done:

And one more moving toward the finish line:

I’ve got more in the queue, and more to finish, so hopefully I can find the time/motivation to post here more frequently.