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Because its not always about the hair and makeup.




What a week and a half. I’m late on the weekly photo and don’t have much to say. I finished the entrelac hat, but still need to block it.

Last weekend was the dance recital – the culmination of 10 months of very hard work which resulted in a beautiful show. As E gets older her involvement becomes greater. She’s getting to the age when she is going to have start choosing her level of commitment to her various activities. A point she has known was coming, but not one any of us thought would come so soon.

After the show we tried a new restaurant for dinner, and it was lovely.

So, for our fourth picture, we took a selfie:
Post recital dinner


Last week we took E to NYC for an afternoon to see the New York City Ballet at the David H. Koch theatre in Lincoln Center. It was a drippy, sometimes very rainy day, but we did have a lot of fun. We meandered around the city, visited the Apple Store and some high end stores as well as a fun reasonable store before we finally had some dinner and went to the show. Because it was such a grey day, the picture opportunities were few and far between, but E enjoyed the various architecture as well as the shopping.

The ballet was wonderful. It was an evening of four dances choreographed by Balanchine with music by Stravinsky, Tschaikovsky and Ives. It was great to see the different styles of dance and we all enjoyed the various pieces. It did make for a very late night, but well worth it. And it reminded us how very close the city is and that we should do things like this more often.
Trip to NYCB 5/24/2013

I even knit a bit on the way down, finally getting to the short rows in the Color Affection Shawl as well:
Color affection short rows

2/52 New Hats

The hats are done! It seemed like a good opportunity to take our second picture:

It was a grey day, so I didn’t get to take any other pictures, but wanted to get this taken!

It’s going to be a busy week around here, but we’ve got some fun stuff going on.


Last fall I went to a wonderful retreat with Clara Parkes – The Knitter’s Review Retreat. I’d never been to one before, and felt a lot of trepidation about the entire thing – I am rather shy, and as my blog names states, not one to join a lot of groups. Well, no surprise to anyone who’d ever been to one of these, I had a WONDERFUL time, and was welcomed by everyone I met. I should write an entire post about the weekend, but for this one my mind is elsewhere. I took Amy Herzog’s workshop “Knit to Fit.” Since then her book has been publishied (and I did indeed purchase it), but the class is a wonderful experience. One of the things she mentioned was participating in the flickr photo a day group, where you take a picture of yourself every day for a year, and how it helped her realize how critical she had been of herself, and that it was unfounded. I’ve seen these groups, and recently noticed a one a week group, where people take pictures of their children once a week. I don’t know if I could commit to a self portrait every day, so I thought what if I changed it up a bit – once a week, took a picture with my daughter?

So, in my effort to try more with less thought, I’m jumping in:

Week one