What’s the first rule of knitting?

Okay maybe the first rule is check your guage. If that’s number one then I guess I need to review number two.

Read the directions. And then keep reading them. I’ve read the directions but somehow thought I was supposed to work the sleeve for 18″ before starting the pattern.

HAH! It was supposed to be 20cm or 7-7/8″. I realized this while waiting for a new foot x-ray. Because to put the cherry on my sundae of a week, I fell on my foot that was looking SO good after surgery. Now it doesn’t look so good.

So while waiting to hear if I really messed it up I ripped out 40 some-odd rows.


The good news is that now I just got the needles back in. So tomorrow I hope to start pattern 3. Perhaps my next post will have some real progress.

The other good news is I didn’t really mess up my foot. It’s swollen and sore, but the pin is still where it’s supposed to be.


One response to “What’s the first rule of knitting?

  1. OH! Hates the ripping!!

    Glad to hear your foot is okay. Be careful there sweetie! 😀

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