Another Inga Hat

So, the first one was such a hit, I’m planning two more. I bought yarn this weekend for one for me and one for c. I got the yarn at Twin Hearts Handworks (the site isn’t available right now, so I can’t link). I got blue & white for C and purple for me. I started C’s on Saturday. It’s going well, I just don’t seem to have a lot of time to dedicate to it. I’m still hoping to find a less fiddly way to knit the braid too.

I’m about 20 rows from the decreases. Once they start it goes pretty fast. I don’t think he’ll have it for skiing tomorrow, but who knows!


4 responses to “Another Inga Hat

  1. These hats are so adorable! I love the fair isle pattern.

  2. I think he’ll have it in time, no problem. There’s a moral here. When you find a really good pattern, don’t just knit it once.

  3. This is lovely! Your fair isle looks to be really even and flat. Fantastic!!

  4. Beautiful hat. Thanks for the pattern link.

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